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About Us

A photo showing some of the RDARS team setting up a drone.

Our RDARS system is the world’s first drone technology end-to-end solution with real time alarm response, verification, intervention and live data streaming. The system was created, by our CEO Charles Zwebner, as a solution to the increasing demand of public safety agencies to have alarms verified before responding. In the USA, 98% of alarm triggers are false alarms (approx. 36M a year) which has created a substantial wastage of public resources and funds. Moreover, properties could become backlisted if enough false alarms remain unverified and the end user will be left without proper security response.

The system is autonomous and integrated into a properties alarm ecosystem. Upon a security breach the drone will immediately take off and fly to the breeched zone with a pre-programmed flight mission plan. The drone will capture and transmit the data in real time to the RDARS Command & Control Center that will verify the alarm, manually intervene the drone with flight & data capture, co-ordinate with the alarm monitoring station, dispatch authorities and data stream the images to the public safety authorities all in real time. At the end of the mission the drone will fly back and land in its drone-in-a-box for resetting and recharging for the next mission.

We are extremely proud of our RDARS technology system which we believe will become the world’s most formidable fully autonomous drone alarm response system.

R.D.A.R.S In Action!

Drone Security System

Drone In A Box

A fully autonomous “Drone in a Box” that is instantly launched upon a trigger of a sensor in a zone within the home.

Autonomous Security

Drone is preprogrammed with 3D mapping data of the entire home and property. Upon a sensor being triggered, drone will fly to that location and capture data.


The drone is equipped with multiple payloads, including camera, video recorder, and night vision capabilities.


The drone will transmit the data in real time simultaneously to multiple stakeholders including the Owner on a mobile device, Monitoring Station and Command & Control Center

Home Landing

Either autonomously, or manually with a Home button, the drone will fly back to the box and encase itself for the next round of missions when needed.


The drone will transmit the data in real time simultaneously to multiple stakeholders including the Owner on a mobile device, Monitoring Station and Command & Control Center


The drone piloting and data capture can be manually intervened by the Command & Control Center to complete a full investigation of property and surroundings, and utilize additional features e.g. 360 degree observations, “follow me” and zoom.


  • Drone in a Box

  • Autonomous flight

  • Flight Missions in 3D

  • Close proximity flying

  • Obstacle avoidance

  • Transmit data to multiple stakeholders simultaneously

  • Real Time data transmission

  • Multiple payload simultaneous capture

  • Command & Control Center – Manual flight intervention

  • Scout property and monitor other areas

  • Follow me technology

  • Evidence recording

  • All weather system (rain, fog, snow, heat)

  • Automatic return to Box and home landing

  • Data transmission to authorities for advanced
    informed response purposes

Meet The Team

Headshot of Ido Gur, CEO & Founder, Easy Aerial


CEO & Founder, Easy Aerial

Ido Gur is an Aeronautical Engineer with deep engineering and project management experience. He was head of the UAV & Drone division in the Israeli Airforce for over 12 years.

Headshot of Charles Zwebner


CEO & Founder

Charles Zwebner is a seasoned entrepreneur and early stage visionary with over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications and technology sectors. He has successfully founded and sold several communication and technology related businesses.

Headshot of Martin Fuchsberger


Infrastructure Digitalization with Drones, Drone Harmony

Martin has over 20 years experience in software development and specializes in the digitalization of complex infrastructures to incorporate into 3D flight mission planning for safe flying in close proximity situations

Headshot of Haim Volinsky,  Business Development, Drone Harmony


Business Development, Drone Harmony

Haim Volinsky has experience for over 20 years, including several executive positions with multinational corporations, in sales, marketing, and business development.

Headshot of David Adishvilli, Chief Scientist, Drone Harmony


Chief Scientist, Drone Harmony

David has over 12 years experience providing programming and solutions in areas of mathematical optimization, integer programming, graph algorithms, path planning, load balancing, scheduling, and three-dimensional scene analysis.

Headshot of Omri Dayan, Chief Drone Designer, Easy Aerial


Chief Drone Designer, Easy Aerial

With close to 20 years experience in the architecture and the designing of drones Omri is the lead designer of the RDARS drone, and the project lead for its design, composite materials, and mechanical aspects

Headshot of Margaret Noble, Principal Accounting Officer

Margaret E. Knoble, CPA, CMA

Principal Accounting Officer

Margaret has over 30 years in accounting experience, working for both large and small companies and also leading accounting departments, with a skill set that encompasses financial reporting, budgeting/forecasting, treasury, infrastructure development, system implementation, analysis, risk assessment, governance, and financial controls.

Headshot of Andy trench, Chief Technology Officer, Drone Harmoney

Andy Trench

Chief Technology Officer

Andy, has over 15 years experience and a wealth of technology knowledge in advanced robotics and UAV systems.

He is a specialist, both in virtual and real space, designing and engineering UAV sensor integration focused on inspections using all varieties of different sensors, including RPG, Lidar, and Thermal.

The Board

Headshot of Anthony Heller, President, Plazacorp Investments Ltd.


President, Plazacorp Investments Ltd.

Mr. Heller has over 35 years of experience in real estate developments and has initiated and completed approximately $2.1 billion of residential and mixed use commercial development projects.

He is also involved in venture capital financings and has consulted to both privately held and publicly traded companies in which he has invested.

Headshot of Bogden Frusina, Founder, Dejero


Founder, Dejero

Bogden Frusina is the CEO and Founder of Dejero Labs Inc., a company specializing in compression technology over multi networks.

Bogden has extensive software development skills and for over 25 years has been leading teams to develop creative software solutions.

Tech Partners

News & Investors

Photo of Torronto Stock Exchange building
Photo by: Joseph Morris

Vancouver, British Columbia, October 2, 2020

Pursuant to the LOI, the Company and RDARS have agreed to a proposed acquisition (the “Transaction”) by the Company of 100% of the issued and outstanding securities of RDARS in exchange for the issuance of securities of the Company. The Transaction is intended to constitute the Qualifying Transaction under Policy 2.4 – Capital Pool Companies of the TSXV Venture Exchange (the “Exchange”).

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